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    Real estate trends in 2021

    Posted by Revolution Residence on 30 December 2020

    2020 was a difficult one from many points of view and the pandemic situation generated blockages and gaps in almost all fields of activity.

    You have certainly wondered at least once, how the real estate will look like in 2021, considering all the recent changes and the current economic situation.

    You should know this question concerned us as well. And we tried to answer and clarify some important issues based on our statistics and research.

    1. The price of new real assets will stand still in 2021

    If you want to buy a new home next year, you must take into account the fact that prices won`t fluctuate a lot, because the costs didn`t change in the second half of 2020.

    Our expectations concerning the cost of constructions are realistic. We are 80% sure that these will stay unchanged.

    2. The demand for renting small office spaces will increase

    Working from has become an increasingly common practice due to the pandemic situation and in some areas of activity it has been found it`s better this way, both financially and professionally.

    Therefore, the large office spaces will be replaced by smaller spaces where few people will work, by rotation or only some days of the week.

    3. Migration from the apartment to a house near the town

    The tendency to change the apartment with a house outside the town will be maintained in 2021, due to the background of the pandemic atmosphere.

    Families with children are looking for a yard, a little green space, where the little ones can play, without feeling the lack of parks or playgrounds.

    4. The interest for apartments and houses with medium and small areas will be maintained

    The uncertainty generated by the pandemic situation made people being more cautious with their investments and with the expenses of a house or an apartment. For these reasons they will focus on smaller homes, which are easier to maintained in terms of utilities.

    Revolution Residence keeps the trend movement

    We regularly conduct market research and examine the requirements existing in the area where we build. That`s why, each of our projects is meant to demand as well as possible, to current demand and real estate trends.

    We care about our clients` wishes and we quickly adapt to the changes that take place in the real estate market.

    We promptly respond to your request

    We anticipate the market trends and demand, depending on the economic situation and we adapt our projects for all budgets. We come to meet you with projects that meet your expectations and desires.

    Houses on one level, 10 minutes away from town, 1 and 2 room apartment at great prices and office spaces with small areas, offered for rent, all of these are specially designed to respond to real estate trends generated by the pandemic situation.

    We stay at your disposal, with personalized offers depending on your budget and requirements. Request an offer filling in the form here or contact us at one of the phone numbers displayed on the site.

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