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    Cleverly arrangements for small apartments

    Posted by Revolution Residence on 5 January 2021

    In recent years, the demand for small apartments has increased for several reasons:

    • people understood that an apartment should be useful, not necessarily big;
    • small apartments are easier to maintain, whether we are talking about cleaning or utilities costs;
    • if they are bought for investment, they find their tenants easier.

    There are many advantages of small apartments, but they must be arranged so as the inner area to be used in a pleasant way and to create the feeling of space.

    We will present you a few ideas for arranging small apartments.

    1. Use light colours

    Light colours give the impression of space and brightness. Paint the walls in pastel colours, as light as possible and choose the furniture according to the same criteria.

    2. Choose simple furniture

    The choice of furniture is an important aspect, especially when it comes to small spaces. In order to efficiently arrange a small apartment, it is preferable to choose a compact, minimalist furniture, which has as many shelves and suspended pieces as possible.

    We recommend to make the furniture to order, at least the one from the kitchen, after consulting a designer first.

    3. Do not save on lightning objects

    Both natural and artificial light create the feeling of large and airy space. Choose lightning objects that do not hang to loo from the ceiling and that provide enough light.

    For giving extra light, you can insert LEDs in the kitchen furniture, in bathroom, on the ceiling and even on the floor.

    4. Use every little nook

    An interior design specialist can help you to use every corner of the apartment as a storage space and create a pleasant appearance, as well.

    Organizing shelves vertically, is the best option to save space, whether they are hidden or visible.

    5. Choose pieces of furniture with storage spaces

    Whether we talk about the box of the bed, a stool that opens or the bench from the hall, in all these places you can store various things, saving precious space.

    6. Bet on mirrors

    Large mirrors, positioned in the right places, can even double visually, the space you have. Placing a mirror on a whole wall, creates space instantly.

    The mirror positioned on the wall opposite to the window, will reflect light and will have an enlarging effect of the space.

    Best solutions from Revolution Residence

    Are you interested in a small apartment, but are you afraid that you`ll have problems with its arrangement? Don`t worry! We have the right solutions for you.

    The newest Revolution Residence project, located on Granicerilor 9 Street in Baia Mare, perfectly meets the demand for small apartments. We offer you 2 rooms apartments with prices starting from 29900 euros.

    And our fellow designers from Cermall Showroom will help you with ideas and solutions for arrangement. All you have to do is filling in the form here.

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