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    About us

    Revolution Residence mission

    Home is associated with family and it represents the image of stability and security, the space where we feel protected.

    We want to grow together every day, to be supportive and strong.

    We care about the community that we have created from nothing, that`s why we want happy families and prosperous businesses in the spaces we have built.

    We have always adapted to economic requirements and fluctuations, we stayed flexible and opened-minded, but vertical in terms of materials` quality.

    Therefore, we chose partners with prestige and reputation in the world of constructions, such as Bramac, Helios, Duraziv, Cemacon or Rehau.

    Our projects include residential complexes, houses, commercial and office spaces, but also industrial spaces, in Baia Mare, Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest.

    Revolution Residence

    Our story begins in 2006 with the first built house in Tautii Magheraus. At that time Revolution Residence team was consisting of 30 people, motivated to build a better future for the community. The first reliable partner that we`ve kept close to us till now, was Bramac, precisely because the roof is one of the most important elements for a house.

    In 2010, we introduced a new concept on Maramures constructions` market, through duplex houses. Anticipating the demand for small areas housing, which came as a natural consequence of the economic crisis, in 2011 we started building single level houses, with very affordable prices of about 35000 euros.

    Although the first steps were timid, the gratitude of the families who moved into new homes in accordance with their dreams, gave us confidence and soar.

    In 2013, we built the first residential complex in Baia Mare, on Republicii Boulevard, consisting of 3 identical blocks of flats and Revolution Residence community grew up by another 57 families.

    Enthusiastic and persevering, we continued to grow up, year by year the Revolution Residence community, through the construction of residential complexes and houses, currently reaching over 25 completed projects, in Baia Mare, Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest.

    The Revolution Residence brand, as a registered trademark, has under its auspices the group of companies with fully Romanian capital: Revolution Plus SRL, Oberhauser Invest SRL and Bau Technik Quality SRL.

    Revolution Residence vision

    Because we want to raise our community value, we didn`t stop to apartments and houses. Good ideas and efficient work need the right space to develop and grow. That`s why, we have created office and commercial spaces for active people, for prosperous businesses.

    We differentiate from the competition, through the prices adapted to small and medium budgets, which we can control very well due to the large number of homes, that we have constantly built.

    At the present moment, our team consists of over 120 dedicated people and the Revolution Residence community counts over 1600 families who enjoy their comfortable home, everyday.

    Revolution Residence

    In our future projects, we have included the construction of the largest complex of houses from the north-western part of the country. We want to transform 10 hectares of land into a modern residential complex, where over 200 families will fulfill the dream of living in their own home.

    We also want to expand in the direction of industrial halls, for services and production, because Revolution Residence means not only ”home”, but also means work, prosperous businesses and bold goals.

    Revolution Residence – together, for your family and for your business!

    Revolution Residence values

    Respect for our clients

    Experience in the field of constructions

    Vision of a bigger and more beautiful community

    Objectives that target a prosperous future

    Loyalty to our business partners

    Unity and solidarity

    Talent and motivation

    Involvement in everything we do

    Originality and modern design

    Novelty and diversity

    Responsibility and seriousness

    Equity, balance and stability

    Security and quality high standards

    Intelligent innovation

    Determination in achieving goals

    Exemplary execution of work

    Naturalness and uniqueness

    Competitive prices

    Empathy for our clients` needs

    Revolution Residence Team

    Ciprian Ster


    Tel: 0746 187 079

    Zoltan Nagy

    sales manager

    Tel: 0774 049 796

    Andreea Savian

    Projects implementation manager

    Tel: 0773 710 485

    Anca Delia Stet

    operational manager

    Tel: 0771 067 657

    Daniela Pocol

    commercial manager

    Tel: 0770 262 578

    Larisa Oana Satmari

    assistant manager

    Tel: 0770 119 585

    Olivia Achim

    marketing manager

    Tel: 0771 421 457

    Diana Costin

    Interior Designer

    Tel: 0730 573 816

    Noemi Cozma

    Assistent manager

    Tel: 0721 268 323

    Luada Peres

    civil engineer


    Claudiu Miclaus

    technical deputy Manager

    Tel: 0748 949 148

    Vlad Orha

    technical manager

    Tel: 0757 667 457

    Liviu Ster

    technical deputy manager

    Tel: 0741 201 934

    Gheorghe Florin Brezan

    chief of building site

    Tel: 0730 573 812

    Maier Gheorghe

    chief of building site

    Tel: 0770 672 844

    Benea Mihai Vasile

    chief of building site

    Tel: 0738 843 289

    Anton Florin

    civil engineer

    Tel: 0755 523 022

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