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    Why buy a home direct from the developer?

    Posted by Revolution Residence on 4 August 2023

    Many people who want to buy a home ask this question: would it be better to get a new apartment or house directly from the developer or an older home bought from another owner? If you’re wondering the same thing, I’ve prepared an article where you’ll find out what the advantages are of buying a home direct from the developer, compared to the respective conditions of a previous owner or through a real estate agent.
    Here are the top reasons why developer direct home care is more advantageous:

    Competitive price and no commissions

    The main advantage of buying a home direct from the developer is the price itself. It’s just like when you compare the price of a product bought from the factory with the price of a manufactured product off the supermarket shelf.
    When choosing the housing of the development, there is a good chance to get a better price or benefit from special offers, such as discounts or promotional packages.
    If you choose to join a real estate agency or house, it will charge a commission. The real estate agency will have to do this: cover certain costs, online promotion, offline promotion, paying for the years of looking for housing for you, etc.
    If this is direct from the developer, there will be no brokerage fee.

    Customization possibilities

    In some cases, developers offer customization options for the house plan, materials used or interior finishes. So you can choose the options that best suit your needs and tastes, including free design services.

    New and modern housing
    Being the first owner, it is not necessary to resort to repairs and modifications. A lived-in apartment can often offer unpleasant surprises, such as problems with the water and gas installations, which you will have to solve on your own after the renovation. On the other hand, in the new home, buying from the developer you can move in without worries, knowing that you are the first owner and you have everything brand new, without problems and signs of wear. Buying from a developer gives you the opportunity for a new and modern home, built to today’s standards, with quality materials and modern design.

    Warranties and after-sales services

    Most developers offer warranties on certain aspects of the home, such as the structure and fixtures, for the time the work is done after construction is complete. There may also be after-sales services to resolve any issues that arise after moving into the new home.

    Facilities and infrastructure

    Many real estate projects developed by companies include community facilities such as parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, gyms, supermarkets or even schools, which can enhance the quality of life in the area.

    Less risk and assistance in the application process

    Buying a home from the developer may involve less risk of ownership issues or litigation, as the contract and all legal aspects are handled by the developer and the notary.
    Also, the developers have specialized teams that can assist you throughout this entire process, from viewing the property to closing the deal and registering the deeds.

    If you are also looking for a new home and have decided to buy directly from the developer, take a look at the residential complexes of houses and apartments that are available in Baia Mare.

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