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    Mediterranean style house versus duplex house

    Posted by Revolution Residence on 4 January 2021

    Mediterranean style house

    As the name suggests, these houses are specific to the coastal area of the Mediterranean Sea, in Spain, Italy or France, but they are in trend, in Romania too.

    Mediterranean houses are chic, airy and evoke both relaxation and elegance.

    We present just a few of the advantages of this house:

    1. It is more accessible to the small children and to the elderly, because it has no stairs.
    2. It is easier to maintain and clean, even with robot vacuum cleaners.
    3. It is more safe from the seismic point of view than a storey house.
    4. It can be divided easily, with large rooms and generous terraces.
    5. It generates lower utilities costs.

    Obviously, there are also some disadvantages:

    1. At the one level house, you don`t have a balcony and you can miss a beautiful view if the location is picturesque.
    2. You can loose a part of the yard if you choose a more spacious house.
    3. If you want to extend it vertically, in the future, the structure may need significant changes.

    Duplex house

    Duplex homes were born in UK, later being spread around the world.

    The classic duplex is a house designed to accommodate two families, divided into 2 individuals homes, separated by a common wall.

    Most projects of this type represent twin homes, exposed in the mirror.

    What are the advantages of having such a home?

    1. It is considered the most economical type of house, half of a duplex can cost up to 25% less than an individual house of the same area.
    2. Utilities costs are lower than for an individual storey house.
    3. They are very suitable for extended families, who want to live together and separately, at the same time.
    4. It looks good from the aesthetic point of view, due to its symmetrical design and architecture.

    Disadvantages of duplex houses:

    1. If you are not a sociable person and you don`t like to have neighbours very closely, the duplex house is not the right choice.
    2. It may occur common expenses in case of damages to the roof or to installations.

    You can find both Mediterranean style and duplex style houses to Revolution Residence. It`s your choice how to buy the house, in partially finished or finished stage.

    The partially finished stage includes:

    – central heating, radiator heating installation

    – PVC joinery with trypan glass package ( 3 glasses)

    – electrical and sanitary installation on position, without sanitary appliances and objects

    – outside access door

    – screed, 2 layers of plaster

    – outside insulation 10 cm thick and the application of decorative plaster

    – the courtyard will be fenced on 3 sides with fence with concrete foundation, iron poles and a net

    – connection to all network utilities.

    All the materials that we use are of the highest quality, because we work with reliable partners, such as: Bramac, Duraziv, Helios, Cemacon or Rehau.

    If you want to enjoy the fresh air, a quiet neighbourhood with friendly neighbours, to have a home with yard to a 10 minutes distance from the town, just fill in the form ”Ask for offer”.

    Prices start from 58 500 euros.

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